Was Jesus married? Is there any truth to the book "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown which has now been made a movie? Was Jesus Christ married; is there proof? Did Jesus have a wife, Mary Magdalene? Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene have children; did Jesus have a daughter, does Christ have a bloodline with his descendants still living in world today? "The Da Vinci Code Truth" explores these questions plus more and offers biblical proofs.

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The book and soon to be released movie “The Da Vinci Code” is based on the myth that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered a daughter whose bloodline survives in Europe. 

In the book, the Catholic Church is portrayed as having covered up this bloodline for 2,000 years and an alleged Opus Dei conspiracy is portrayed as violently covering up the secret of the bloodline.

Aside from the claim that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene, the book and, if closely portraying the book, the forthcoming movie have no compunction in casting in an uncomplimentary light the Catholic Church and the Opus Dei, a conservative Catholic group.

The January 2, 2006 issue of “Newsweek” magazine reports that an Opus Dei spokesman petitioned Ron Howard, director of the movie, before shooting began, to remove the prelature’s name from the film, and received no response.  Howard told Newsweek, “Opus Dei is mentioned in the book, and we didn’t shy away from that or any other aspect of the story.”  Has the content of the book become “gospel”?

Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code, in an interview on Good Morning America (November 3, 2003) said he’d initially been a skeptic to the “Jesus having been married to Mary Magdalene scenario” (my quotes), but became a believer and presents it as historical truth in the book.

Twenty four years ago I read the book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which speculates that the quest for the “Holy Grail” is really a search for the “Sang Royale” (Sangria) or a royal bloodline of Jesus Christ, through his alleged spouse Mary Magdalene, who fled to France after the crucifixion of Jesus.  This supposed “historical fact” was kept secret but indirectly alluded to by secretive groups such as the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion.

So, is there any Biblical authority to the claim that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus?

The four generally accepted gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, contain twelve verses on Mary Magdalene and none depict any type of marital relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was part of a group of women who traveled with Jesus and his disciples when, “He began going about from one city and village to another, proclaiming and preaching the kingdom of God; and the twelve were with Him” (Luke 8:1).  These women probably assisted in provisioning and feeding the travelers.  Luke 8:3 informs us Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others were contributing out of their private means to cover the costs.

Mary Magdalene was delivered from demonic spirits:  “Mary, who was called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out” (Luke 8:2). 

At the cruxifixion the gospel of Matthew tells us many women were present, looking from a distance.  These were women who had followed Jesus from Galilee (Matthew 27:55), “among whom was Mary Magdalene, along with Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee” (Matthew 27:56).   In verse 56 it would have been very easy to identify Mary Magdalene as “the wife of Jesus” if that had been the case.  The other women were identified through their motherhood.  Mary Magdalene is one of many women, a faithful follower of Jesus, but nothing else.

After the Sabbath following Jesus’s crucifixion Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome, went to Jesus’s tomb, bringing spices to anoint Him (Mark 16:2 and Luke 24:1).  When they arrived at the tomb they saw that the extremely large stone which had sealed its entrance had been rolled away.  A young man in a white robe, an angel, sat inside the tomb. The angel told the women Jesus had risen from the dead and to go tell his disciples he had gone to Galilee. They fled in fear and astonishment (Mark 16:1-8).

After Jesus resurrected, “He first appeared to Mary Magdalene, from whom he cast out seven demons.  She went and reported to those who had been with Him, while they were mourning and weeping.  And when they heard that He was alive, and had been seen by her, they refused to believe it” (Mark 16: 9-11).  Luke 24:9-11 also relate that, “and (the women) returned from the tomb and reported all these things to the eleven and to all the rest.  Now they were Mary Magdalene and Joanna and Mary the mother of James; also the other women with them were telling these things to the apostles.  And these words appeared to them as nonsense, and they would not believe them.” 

It should be noted that the apostles did not believe what they heard from Mary Magdalene and the other women, yet ten of the eleven apostles died martyrs’ deaths!  Judas isn’t included as he hung himself after betraying Christ.  John probably died of old age on the island of Patmos in the Mediterranean.  Would you die willingly for a lie?  Only a true resurrection of Jesus, who they believed dead, could have turned these men who were mourning, weeping and afraid into bold evangelists, willing to die for their beliefs.

There is only one verse that concerns physical contact between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Mary Magdalene was weeping outside the tomb.  She beheld Jesus but did not recognize Him (John 20:14):

“Jesus said to her, ‘Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?’  Supposing Him to be the gardener, she said to Him, ‘Sir, if you have carried Him away, tell me where you have laid Him, and I will take Him away.’ Jesus said to her, ‘Mary, She turned and said to Him in Hebrew, “Rabboni!’ (which means, Teacher).  Jesus said to her, ‘Stop clinging to Me; for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to My brethren, and say to them, ‘I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God.’ Mary Magdalene came, announcing to the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord,’ and that He had said these things to her” (John 20:15-18).

Contrary to the supposition of “The Da Vinci Code”it takes quite a stretch of the imagination to interpret the scene just described as a reunion between husband and wife.  Mary mistook Jesus for a gardener.  She addressed him as “Rabboni” or “Teacher,” a sign of respect, and not “Husband” or “Jesus”.  She probably hugged him out of joy, but that was it.  Nothing else.  Jesus addressed her as “Woman,” and did not want her clinging to him.  This response is not particularly endearing or intimate, as one would expect to a wife, after having been crucified and resurrected!

In Jewish tradition marriage is respected.  Jesus could very well have been the Son of God and been married.  Jesus was fully God and fully man.  Marriage would not have restricted his deity and marriage was not something Jews kept secret or hid.  It was quite normal to be married.  Prominent rabbis were married.  The Bible tells us Peter was married.  If Jesus had been married to Mary Magdalene we would have been told.  It wasn’t embarrassing in any way to disclose it.  Note above that in Luke 8:3 Joanna is identified as the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward.   Acts 18:2 tells us that Paul met Aquila and his wife Priscilla in Corinth, fellow tentmakers, and stayed with them.

Who then would concoct the myth that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, but for some obscure reason had to keep it a secret?

The Gnostics, a movement which sprouted in the first century after Christ, and which opposed the deity of Christ, appear to be the source of this myth.

The early fathers of the Christian church believed that Simon the Sorcerer of Samaria (Acts 8) was the first Gnostic.  The church fathers maintained that Simon practiced magic and claimed to be divine.  According to the church fathers, Simon taught that his companion, a former prostitute, was the reincarnation of Helen of Troy.  A disciple of Simon by the name of Menander taught at the end of the first century in Syrian Antioch that those who believed in him would not die.  Unfortunately for Menander (and his followers), he died.

The only man in human history who physically rose from the dead was the incarnation of God Himself, Jesus Christ (see page 5 on this website “The Greatest Sign – The Resurrection.”)

The Gnostics however taught a cosmic dualism, what was spiritual was good and what was material was evil.  The Nag Hammadi codices view the resurrection of Jesus Christ as spiritual, not physical.  The Gnostics, as do Hindu yogis, believed that human beings should reject the material world and open themselves up to “gnosis” or hidden knowledge. 

Christianity teaches that salvation and eternal life comes from accepting Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross as the redemption for our sinful human nature (Orientals would see this as our “shame”).  By physically dying on the cross Jesus paid the price for our sin, for our shame.  By simply praying, “Jesus, I turn my life over to you.  Please come and take charge of my life.  Forgive me for my sin,” one accepts Jesus, turns a new leaf, and enters into a personal relationship with the personal God of the Universe.

On the other hand, mystics, who believe the world is an illusion (“Maya” in Hinduism) seek salvation within themselves through gnosis, meditation, yoga, secret ceremonies, discovering “higher truths”.  They do not reach out to an infinitely intelligent, personal God, but they try to find salvation in themselves or through invented myths such as Menander’s that by believing in him one would not die.  None of these myths bring spiritual peace as they fall far short of God’s provision for sin, Jesus Christ.

The Gnostics, hostile to the claims of Jesus Christ that he was the incarnated Son of God (see page 2 “The Importance of the Trinity” , Scriptural Proof of the Trinity and blog article, December 13, 2005 "The Christian Athanasian Creed"), sought to corrupt his message  and confuse his historicity.

Among the various Gnostic corruptions is the fabrication that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene, as portrayed in a few of the early Gnostic texts.

The bottom line is that Mary Magdalene was not married to Jesus and there is absolutely no evidence she ever was (see page 5 on this website, “Historical Reliability of the Bible”). 

It is regrettable that millions of readers and movie viewers will be recklessly exposed to this myth, that the Catholic Church and Opus Dei are being marginalized and demonized by it, and that the entire Christian body stands accused of covering up what is really a silly fabrication.

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The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, (1498).
The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, (1498); close up of the Beloved Disciple John; notice the feminine features of the Beloved Disciple. Is this Mary Magdalena?
The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, (1498); close up of the Beloved Disciple John; notice the feminine features of the Beloved Disciple.
Is this Mary Magdalena or John?

In his book "The Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown uses Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, “The Last Supper” saying the reason there is no cup (Holy Grail) on the table is because Mary Magdalene IS the Holy Grail and the effeminate fair skinned beardless figure to the left of Jesus is Mary Magdalene.
Leonardo just used his artistic license to leave out the cup, the painting depicts Jesus Christ and his disciples at the moment that Christ announced that one of them would betray him and the cup had not yet come into play.
Art history shows that almost all artists of the Florentine School like Leonardo Da Vinci painted young men in this effeminate way. In his sketch for the "Last Supper" which is housed in the library of Windsor Castle in England Leonardo labeled this feminine figure as John the evangelist, Jesus's disciple.

Looking for answers to questions like: Did Jesus have a wife, Mary Magdalene, is there proof? Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene have children; does Christ have a bloodline with Jesus's descendants still living in world today? Is there a god? Who is god? Is Jesus Christ the Son of God? Was I created by god or evolved? What does the bible say about witches, witchcraft, and the occult? How does Islam differ from Christianity? How do New Age practices like yoga and meditation fit in with Christianity? the answers are here on this Christian Apologetics Website, EARTH HARVEST. The purpose of this web site is to explore and answer eternal questions such as: Is there a God? Who is God? What is the nature of God? Is Jesus Christ the Son of God and as such God incarnate? Offering proof that god does exist and exploring from a Christian perspective: the issue of trust (faith), the Trinity, mystical experiences, witches and witchcraft, yoga, how New Age mysticism has crept into Christianity, the lure of the New Age, signs and wonders, the spirit of delusion, hearing from God, recognizing the Spirit of God, being born again, acquiring new eternal bodies after death, and what death holds for those who believe in Christ and those who don't. Christianity's greatest proof, the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, will be analyzed, as well as the numerous Messianic prophecies which Jesus fulfilled and the odds of such prophecies being realized by chance. The resurrection and these prophecies evidence the existence of a God outside the dimensions of space and time. Finally and most importantly, you will be shown how you can establish a personal relationship with God. A comparison of creation and evolution is made and the validity of the theory of evolution is investigated.This web site is a work of apologetics or a presentation of the beliefs and proofs of the Christian faith and their defense against theological corruption. Extensive reference is made to Mere Christianity, written by C.S. Lewis, professor of classics at Cambridge University, former agnostic, and prolific writer and Christian apologist, who had a unique gift of explaining important issues simply and clearly.

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